A Book and a Boy in a Blog: Open Day Review

Today was the Children's Literature Open Day at Cambridge! A whole afternoon where we discuss what makes the MPhil, MEd, and PhD programs so great, get to hear from a fantastic author, AND have a chance to devour delicious book-decorated cupcakes.

Don't know what I mean by that? Well, feast your eyes on this:




Aren't they phenomenal? And there was a whole cake-stand-tree-thing full of them.

This is just a fraction of the people who swarmed the cupcakes. They were amazing.
But back to the real point of Open Day - learning more about the postgraduate programs we offer. Three of our great students talked a bit about their experiences, from doing the year-long MPhil to the part-time MEd (as can be attached to a PGCE) to starting the PhD. 

Dawn introducing the program, and that it's okay to dislike (or like)
children and still do this course.

Siddharth discussing his experience as an MPhil and his
transition into doing the PhD.

Jen likened her time as a PGCE transitioning into the extra master's year
as the origin story of the new Ms. Marvel.

After the talks, we had a break to consume the beautiful cakes, and for guests to talk to students and lecturers one-on-one. People had a chance to look at the posters that had some information about current students, eminent visitors, and some of our scholars. Lots of questions were answered!

 For the final portion of the afternoon, the wonderful Dave Shelton, author of A Boy and a Bear in a Boat and Thirteen Chairs, gave a talk about his growth as an illustrator and his transition into being an author as well.

Look! It's a bear! On top of a sea monster!

There was, of course, a cupcake with A Boy and a Bear in a Boat on it. Which naturally led to this happening:


It was a wonderful, wonderful afternoon, spent amongst children's literature lovers and scholars. It's one of the many reasons why I love studying here at Cambridge.  


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