Kimberley Reynolds Comes To Cambridge

By: Ghada & Erin

Last Friday, we were delighted to welcome Professor Kimberley Reynolds, from the University of Newcastle, for a research seminar. Prior to her visit, she circulated a text for us to read and comment on. At the beginning of the seminar, she asked each of us to introduce ourselves and provide a brief synopsis of our ongoing research. We were especially appreciative because Professor Reynolds engaged with each one of us; asking particular questions about our research interests and the development of our overall thinking … she provided us with fruitful feedback (and more to think about!).

While discussing her ongoing research, she was keen on our perception, encouraging comments/remarks/suggestions. Even though the piece she circulated focused on a particular strand of children’s literature (historicism), the seminar confirmed that children’s literature theory is indeed wide and interdisciplinary. In addition to historicism in children’s literature our discussion included musings on pre-WW1 fiction, dystopian literature, violence, adaptations of texts, the reading habits of boys, constructions of childhood, definitions of authenticity, the longevity of texts, and even new technologies!

We are looking forwards to meeting Professor Kimberley Reynolds (this time with her students) for another engaging seminar very soon.

From all of us here: Thank you for coming!

SIDE NOTE: We are all looking forward to our upcoming May 3rd seminar. (Translation: very, very excited!).

WHY? Because we will be hosting a very special certain someone!

WHO? … Stay tuned!