Halloween Special!

By Faye

Pale Face, Panda Eyes, Bloody Mouth and Mr Bandaged in Toilet Rolls had a lot of fun and made a lot of noise on the street. But I am convinced our little Halloween get-together was way more enjoyable. No extreme make-over would be helpful in a game of Charades when one got 1984, or To Kill a Mockingbird anyway. We also played numerous rounds a game that inflicted extreme self-doubt, a game in which one questions “Am I a non-gendered vegetable, but not green, which appears in an animated film in the last 50 years?” I will just call it Am I …? for literal sake.

To capture, share and extend the fun to you all, I drew the above. There are 13 allegories in the image tailored to our taste and expertise. Enjoy. Answers will be announced later. (Note: 2 bonus ones for the ones present at the night’s gathering)

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